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Hi Erin, in my experience I've not met anyone that experienced physical abuse by a partner; but I know personally some people that suffered psychological abuses by their partners, and most of them were men. How can we deal with such situations before they escalate in something worst? Before they develop in critical situations where at the end the man will become the physical abuser because he did not get any previous support to get out from the abusive relationship?


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Yes you understood correctly. The point is that when a relationship involves childrren, your suggestion is not anymore applicable. My concern is for those men that build a family, and then suddenly find themselves hostages of abusive wives, that knew they have the power to behave as they prefer, becauuse either way he will be the one to comply with hers expectations or to leave. There is no social service to support these situations, and many family tragedies develop from this umbalanced familiy system. This is also the reason number one men are opting out of marriage. They do not want get a deal from which they can ejected either as the "abusive partner" or the "inadequate" one....