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Are there days where you're racing against a deadline and don't make it? I've noticed a couple occasions where the newsletter does hit my inbox until late morning. Great job by the way, reading these articles is part of my daily routine!

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Gotta be coughlin

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Hi David, thanks for stopping by! I just wanted to thank you and your team for the excellent program you produce each day. Its incredible how much substance you are able to pack into a short segment.

I can't think of any questions off thetop of my head so I'll ask about your hobby - how did you get into rocketry and have you had any notable launches? I was into it as a teenager and it's cool to see that the hobby is alive.


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Nice! I used to read that comic as a kid too. Pretty cool that you've been able to keep the rockets in service - mine usually only made it a few flights before getting lost or destroyed.