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I have a bipolar 2 & ADHD (and take stimulants). Is it unhealthy to use sleeping pills indefinitely? I take trazodone for sleep - not benzos - I know benzos are addictive and not good long term.

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If you had been raised as a boy do you think you'd feel like a man or a woman? Is there a higher rate of transgenderism in intersex people?

Do you know what factors parents should consider when "choosing" which gender to raise their intersex baby? In your case it seems like your parents made a lucky guess (it's my understanding that they chose to raise you has a girl because it would be easier to make you look like a girl physically via surgery). Personally, without any knowledge of intersex(ism?) I think I would have chosen to raise someone with your condition as a boy since that's what your chromosomes are and in most cases a person's gender identity and chromosomes match - but I'd be wrong in your case.