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so, basically those giant combine thingies we see every fall here in WI are essentially... lawnmowers?

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Thanks for doing this AMA, I just started reading The Ministry for the Future, and this subject matter has been weighing heavily on me lately. I don't think here in America we are prepared for the sheer magnitude of change to everyone's lives that is undoubtedly coming.

How likely do you think the average American will be capable of living what they might consider a 'good' life 10, 30, 50 years from now, assuming we are able to achieve carbon targets that keep us <2°C of warming? (personal opinion / speculation welcome as I know this depends on many many variables)

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Greetings, thank you for doing this! I'm wondering what your take on Ivermectin is. From what I can tell, there has been a lot of promising data, but thus far no really solid RCTs have been conducted (to my knowledge), at least here in the US. Is this something we're (potentially) really missing out on, or has there been any research done to suggest that it's *not* effective, nor worth looking into for SARS-CoV2?

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I would argue that the change has already begun

Fundamentally agree (FWIW as a Stoic myself, I think the answer to your question is a qualified yes); I think the big difference is, most people lacking in basic needs (driven by inequality and systemic racism, etc.) is mostly self-inflicted; Americans in general haven't really known want in the post-war period; climate change will almost certainly change that, I am curious to hear what your take is on a future in which there may *not* be enough for every man woman and child, rather than us just not distributing it enough.

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consequences of mask mandates? like, what, less people getting sick and dying?