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We will support SteamVR which theoretically should support your Odyssey Plus -- we just aren't testing on all HMDs.

Until You Fall is probably a good example of the "type" of gameplay we're going for. Internal cooldowns will be expressed more like "timing" as in you can keep slashing but if you don't time it correctly it'll be negligible

Combat bonuses would be awesome! SAO kind of just ripped that from ff11 back in the day anyways lol. I could definitely see stuff like that, but we are all about balancing the core mechanics before expanding to things like that.

Housing is planned - when? Depends.

The Desktop version of the game will be feature different classes.. imagine it as a window into the same world but with different gameplay styles more suited for desktop, instead of a port of the same classes over.

Bosses will have loot tables for sure, but there might be additional modifications around that that we would announce later on. I would just stayed tuned there

Crafting will be a big component of the game -- not ready to announce more on that front.

One thing to note is though we are hugely inspired by anime like SAO, it's not going to be SAO. Zenith will have it's own unique influences from the hundreds of games we've beaten and played over the years, since we were children.

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we really love all the activity on suggestions from the community! To be honest, we probably won't implement most of them, but we will read all of them. Ultimately we need to build the game that we believe in (with feedback from the community) but we don't want to throw in the kitchen sink. The more upvotes something gets, the more likely we are to take a look at the ideas more in detail but even that doesn't guarantee anything.

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You can choose.

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One price at launch -- anyone who backs the kickstarter will get the game free forever, (still might need to buy expansions later on). Later on we might switch to subscription but kickstarter and earlier backers will not have to pay subscription.

We aren't ruling out different monetization strategies however it will NEVER be P2W.

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  1. It won't be beat saber based only -- that was a really early prototype, for the melee combat look at something like "Until You Fall" we had no idea they were doing something similar (but single player) when we started working on this, but that's a much closer comparison

There will be resources that take time to regen. Shops depending on how much we can raise from investors and our kickstarter

  1. Housing property will eventually be available, however, not necessarily at launch - Private Lounge, Storage and possibly more.