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Were the prison guards insane, or were they themselves in jeopardy?

How do you solve a problem like North Korea? Do you have any thoughts/opinions your average American Joe might not have heard?

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What nation or conflict area do you expect to be deployed to? what would your role be?

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I struggle to embrace libertarian thought simply because it seems to be naive about the motivations of the free market. Without regulation, what financial incentives do businesses have to care about the environment? Without government influence in healthcare, what financial incentives do businesses or doctors have to treat patients who have no money?

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There is no method of predicting who will and who won't become addicted to something. Many people with happy and successful lives who are in "good places" mentally have fallen victim to addiction.

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Fuck yeah for Washington State! See y'all on the coast bitches. Here's hoping for some mutated giant salmon filets.