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Believe it or not, @kn0thing is now real-life famous. EDIT: The comment above said something to the effect of "These guys are just internet famous. By the rules of IAMA this AMA shouldn't have been approved". I hope I am doing a public service here instead of just making it worse!

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I think of this phenomenon as a matter of moneyed interests having a bit more bandwidth and consistency when they are trying to jam something through than we do as a more disperse online community. Groups like the Internet Association are beginning to lobby. But basically: politicians are going to revise goals based on what is politically expedient in the moment. At the beginning it may be expedient to join the tide of anti SOPA-PIPA. Then it becomes financially or politically easier to revise that thinking. We just need to be there at every turn with media, examples, arguments, campaign contributions and a whole lot more in order to support the politicians with strong moral and ethical views (and to turn those politicians who are more 'flexible').

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That was hilarious. You're so humble. I say you go full Branson on this one and just get a jet with your face on it and start taking Gore-like credit for everything that you've ever peripherally touched, that happens online. Get Open Internet tons of press in the process of being a diva and then at the end of the tunnel be like "surprise - I'm not a dick!" Then play settlers of catan. The end.

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I'm hearing this a lot in here. I get it. But I think it's not that simple. I don't think congress is a bunch of people who wake up every morning and they're like "how do I get reelected today and who's gonna give me some money?" and so we stand no chance. I think it's more like they wake up with a schedule more full with events, votes, appearances, bills to read, staff meetings, and lobbyist meetings than they possibly have time for. The most persistent people are those with the most money. And because congressmen want to be kind, helpful, and knowledgeable they take meetings with anyone who's persistent. Yes, it has the outcome that anyone with money gets more say. But I think the solution is to be more articulate, more persistent, more media savvy, and more organized as a group. We can't get despondent.

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