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Thanks for this message, I can completely relate.

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Hi Ray, thanks for putting up this AMA. I'm looking forward to know your (updated) standpoint on the global superpowers struggle (US vs China), and if the underlying layer of our current worldwide pandemic crisis is cause or effect?

Thanks very much

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Hi Ryan, thanks for this AMA. I just learned about your books this year. I retook my passion of reading books against being on Twitter all the time focusing on the news - making myself sick btw...

I was about to start on your books (Ego is the Enemy, and Obstacle is the Way) but then you launched Stillness is the Key - so my question is: are your books to be read in a particular order, are they a series? Would you recommend one to go first, and there the others?

I started instead with The Daily Stoic, with daily pills to gain on Stoicism and your writing, in preparation for your books


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For us new to your books, is there any order to read them you would recommend? Which one is the one you most like of them?