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n_ullman17625 karma

Hi Jimmy!

While the model has been quite successful for Wikipedia don't you think this is large part due to the absence of a similar product in the marketplace at Wikipedia's inception?

We're already saturated with social media platforms. While I would like to see WT.Social, or any social media platform using the same business model, succeed, I'm very doubtful. Why do you think I'm wrong?

Thanks for you answer and your contributions to the internet.

n_ullman17613 karma

A social media platform where just about everything is collaboratively editable is a pretty wild concept.

I just signed up so I could check out the concept. However, I'm nearly number 100k in the waiting list. When do you expect we'll be able to gain access?

I'm not sure I want to spend $12.99 to preview a social media site. I suspect I'm not alone.