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Have you spoken with anyone in the CT General Assembly's GAE Committee or SoTS Denise Merrill about this?

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Oh wow I had no idea track changes worked back and fourth with Pages. I just started using Pages '11 and now am going to have to try that. Though as a lawyer I'm often stuck using word because I need to use some obscure feature.

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A few questions:

  1. What tools and formats are the writers using? Do they have to be trained in formatting it in certain ways or do you have someone that takes in whatever they send and converts it?

  2. Is the Magazine limited to Marco's audience or has it been building readership in other niches? In other words, how are people discovering it?

  3. Is The Magazine a concept that works because the audience is tech savvy, or are there signs that it could work in other spaces like local news and politics, or cooking?