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mz_per_x5 karma

Why do you put names in brackets? An example from the proof post: "[Mike Szczys] started the thread". It's a small thing but it's incredibly annoying.

mz_per_x3 karma

The first few times I read a post on your site I thought the names were omitted by the author, and later added by an editor as brackets are normally used for text added by someone other that the author.

It's no biggie, just but it kind of throws me off.

mz_per_x2 karma

That could be done with bold, italics or underlines too.

mz_per_x1 karma

Brackets are normally used to indicate that the text between them was inserted by someone else other than the author, like an editor. It's confusing as hell. The names could put in italics, bold or even underlined.