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This article was linked elsewhere where I provided a explanation of why it differs from other studies.


Further down I explain, in detail, how a trap box works. Something defense attorneys nee to be very aware of.

Basically the difference is that in the study you quoted they didn't count the number of interactions police have with blacks relative to the black population. They merely counted the number of interactions with blacks that resulted in shootings verses the number of whites, and other races, that resulted in shootings. It's an entirely different metric that doesn't even count how much more likely blacks are forced into interactions with police.

That police are almost as likely to shoot non-black people they interact with just shows that police are more likely to interact with people are are suspicious of, and shoot those people they are suspicious of with fairly closely the same regularity. It doesn't even try to include the interaction ratios that show how much more likely a black person interacts with police simply because the officer thought the color of their skin made them suspicious.

I also explained, in the above link, how in the cops mind what they are triggering on is socioeconomic status, rather than race. Then implicitly assuming the color of their skin is an indicator of socioeconomic status. Hence they (mostly) aren't trying to be racist even if they are.

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Said what? The question got deleted :/

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How do you feel about the goals of those who killed your father then and now?

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Notwithstanding certain chemical burns, I'm not seeing much here that I would be afraid to stand within a couple of feet of when it goes off, or be a human target for your version of the potato gun. Though 9/11 was pulled off with nothing more than a box cutter, so effectiveness is not really that dependent on the reality of the danger.

However, 9/11 was made possible more by the social conformity and expectations of the passengers, as well as the ignorance of what the intentions may be, than anything else.

Add to this the fact that so many tools are available, beyond those types of tools you used from behind the security gates, are available and easily transported onto a plane. I will not make a list, but many exist if the measure of danger is defined by box cutters and oversize firecracker.

Don't you that removing the dangers, as so defined, is a fools errand that can always be circumvented? Also, if the passengers had been aware, or even legitimately feared, what the hijackers actually planned to do it would have been near impossible to get the cooperation needed to pull off 9/11. Much like the plane that never made it to its destination, and probably would have even crashed had the same passengers been more aware of what was going to happen sooner.

So if 1) defending against weapons of the level of danger specified is essentially impossible, and 2) they are near totally useless against passengers, or possibly an onboard flight marshal, who are sensitive to the dangers of cooperating, doesn't that make the whole present fear approach a waste of time, money, resources, and civil liberties? That includes your message about what the shops behind the security points contains.

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Finally, somebody states the obvious. Of course any civilization that lives into any degree of deep time will be space based, rather than planet based. Even if they have planetary colonies it still ends up by shear force of numbers being a trivial piece of real estate.