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I have an 8 yo son who wishes everyday for a robotic arm and hand. He says to me all the time he wants to be a cyborg. I just showed him your photo and he FLIPPED out. He wanted me to tell you that he thinks your arm and hand is awesome. And he would like to know if it has super powers.

Thank you for this. And you do look pretty bad ass in your pic!

Edit: Annnd my highest rated comment on Reddit is about chopping my son's arm off. Fabulous.

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I hadn't even noticed that comment until you put a bird on it.

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I loved Summer Sisters! It felt like a circle was completed. I can't explain, but I felt like we finally got to see her characters grow up.

Judy Blume you defined my entire childhood. I cannot thank you enough for your words and stories. They were my friends in those books when I had none in real life.

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What are some exercises or good habits we can start now to either avoid or help fix neck/back problems from sitting in front of a computer all day?