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My mom was the same way. She said she was basically just a person with no gender without her "female" parts. She had a double mastectomy and a full hysterectomy- she had nothing left when it was over. I remember finally seeing a little bit of light come back when she got her reconstruction and when she started joking about my dad picking her nipple tattoos out, I finally felt like it would be okay again, a year later.

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Just wanted to say that you gave a speech at a convention in orlando in 2010 that I was in the audience for, and it was truly the best night of the convention. To this day, I can recall you telling us about how the phrase “To Write Love on Her Arms” was coined and it truly changed my life and helped me so much. Then, at 15, I was in a very dark place that only got darker over the next few years, but I survived in no small part to the words you spoke that night. Now I’m 24 and happily married, and while I still struggle with depression, I haven’t had a single suicidal thought in the last two years. At 15, I was contemplating it nearly every night.

As for my question, is Emily still cool with the summer set? I used to love the relationship they all seemed to have but I’m no longer on twitter much these days.