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so i'm a bit curious about the "training takes over" comment. so basically that means you can train someone to be desensitized towards taking life? how would this differ from, let's say, being brainwashed and believing in something that you are doing is the right thing? i've often played with the thought of the implications of me killing someone, i used to live in a very rough area with high rates of crime, and it may have been (and a couple of times was almost at that point) possible for the necessity to kill in order to protect myself. however i don't think that i would be comfortable with that fact.

i understand that the people you are killing are terrorists, or at least labeled that by your commanders, but does that really make it any easier to kill them?

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ok, so i'm gonna go into some really graphic territory here.... how about diarrhea then? sometimes i get it quite bad, to the point that i'm shitting liquid 8 times in a day. what exactly would happen to you in a case like that? do you have to wear adult diapers sometimes just to be safe?

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wouldnt it be desirable for some people to stay in single cells for the remainder of their stay? is there a time limit? i mean if you say that life is hard a snitch, can they ever safely be returned to the general population?

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ok so the bible states somewhere that you should not do harm to your body, and then you say you are a bartender, so basically you are working in an environment which promotes drinking, indirectly smoking, and depending on the venue, also casual sexual hook ups. how exactly does being a pastor and a bartender fit together here?

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do you really have to be focused on what's in front of you at all times or are there sensors and computer systems which allow you to sort of keep it on auto-pilot while you enjoy a cup of coffee with your newspaper?