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When trying to gain asylum some people choose to be detained. Though it obviously sucks it is typically a shorter process and ensure you will get you "day in court" so to say rather than just applying and being outright denied.

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Thank you :)

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Hi Jamie! I have a friend, 19yo, who has self-harm and ED issues who seem to always want to do "fun" things with me while still being dysfunctional with their self-care and actively harming themselves. I am not sure how to approach the situation, and I have told them time and time again that I am not comfortable/interested in doing "fun" activities while they are refusing to eat and actively harming themselves when alone.

I honestly am just not sure how to continue to be a friend, as I feel like at this point I am a repetitive cheerleader who pushes them to tackle their issues with their therapist/family/support team and pushes them to reach goals.

I feel guilty that I do not want to continue the friendship, but I don't feel like it's giving them any kind of benefit. What are your thoughts?