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Sorry about those puzzles. 😉 Chuck and I have kept in touch over the years, and it when Chuck lunched the original Kickstarter for ZED it was exciting for me and for Cyan. We watched as ZED progressed, and… well… you should all know that making games is really, really hard. It’s a wonder that all the pieces get put into place - especially for indies where there aren’t large teams of people - it’s more of a labor of love. Anyway, at some point in the process Chuck had done an amazing job of building the game and a team, but it just needed a small amount of help to get over the finish line. Cyan was in a position to be able to offer a little bit of help to get Chuck’s vision finished. It’s been great to be able to see it come together!

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Myst started out simple - the early designs was just about the choice between the brothers. But as the game design progressed the story behind it became more complex. As the game was becoming more complete we realized that we needed a bit more than the simple binary choice at the end, and the backstory was seeded from a story that Robin had created. As that story grew it became more and more important. Thanks for the Myst support!

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Hey RAWA's bro. Nice to reddit you. Little-known fact - the "waughmchchch" sound came from my brother's mouth. That's right, he just made the noise and processed it a bit, and now we're stuck with it - FOREVER! :)

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I wonder who called you - probably me. Yeah, I'll take credit for that. And yes - a real life Myst island would have been great! My brother and I hiked around an empty island at Disney World that could have been turned into something Myst-like. But big corporate stuff seemed to get in the way. We could have made some wicked-cool real life puzzles that no one would have ever found their way out of.

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What? Seriously? I want to eat there. I hope it's good.