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myrevenge107 karma

I need a laugh today. Tell us again: why did your government renege on the promise to bring electoral reform?

But really. This broken promise is the single greatest reasons i will not vote liberal unless you can convince me otherwise.

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A constituent here.

How do you justify rejecting capital gains and inheritance taxes and then endorsing GBI?

Previous attempts at UBI have only undermined the standard of living for the working poor and furthered diminished their agency because it was used by employers to pay workers subsistence wages. It is, in effect, corporate welfare. How do you propose remedying this significant problem with UBI?

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That’s now how levels of government work. They have different roles and responsibilities. Contact your city councilor and your MPP.

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This is an incredibly generous interpretation of the events.

Putting in a half-assed effort to then reasonably conclude that the plan isn’t viable is what I do at work everyday.