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If drugs are legalized, what will the cartels turn to? Is there any reason to think it will be different from what happened after Prohibition, and what did happen then? (Or more directly, what changes could be made such that these people would seek and find an honest living? And how do you assimilate people back into honest society, in a way that protects it and them?)

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Is there a good, reasonably priced home testing kit for consumers, for testing their water for this or other contaminants? (If the same problem happens in other cities, we need to detect it sooner.)

Also: how absolutely wonderful to engage the students in the water testing project.

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I'm thinking of what the residents of other cities can learn from Flint. Looking at the test prices, per contaminant, it looks like it really adds up. Any prospect of testing becoming simpler (and less expensive) in future? (And equally or more accurate.)

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If you were to design a "second-order testing" state program, what would it cost, ballpark estimate, per city? Is this something that a sane government would do, or is there a better way to address the problem that a city's testing might not be reality-based?

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Is there a "supervisory" federal or state agency that tests occasionally to corroborate the results of a city's testing program?