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I wish more of the world would know about the actions of the Japanese militarists during WWII. Most everyone in the US knows about the Nazis and the Holocaust - but mention the Rape of Nanjing and not many people know what you're talking about.

This is more of a psychological question, but do you ever think about what in the world happened to these Japanese militarists? In their minds? How they were able to be brainwashed so easily by the Japanese leaders and how they were able to throw away their compassion and empathy towards other people. I've read some horrible, horrible atrocities committed by Japanese soldiers. At first reading these atrocities just made me incredibly morose and angry. But in the end just made me feel so hollow. Were these militants average human beings turned crazy? Or were they crazy to begin with?

In any case - even if you don't end up talking about these questions, just wanted to say thank you for your service and for fighting. You, and your comrades, are the heroes of our generation. Thank you.

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