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Hi Bonnie!

I have read that even though trees store carbon, cutting them releases the carbon and that only very old trees have net positive carbon storage balance.

Could you explain that in simple terms? I feel there may be shortcuts in this reasoning or at least I don't understand it fully.

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Hi and thanks a bunch for your work!

What system (approach, work steps, algorithms, ...) did you use to get through so much data? Do you have it any tools in place or even open to others for "next time"?

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Hi Brent,

I imagine it must be sometimes difficult to witness wrong situations but be a mere observer. Have you had occasions where you intervened to orevent something?

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Hi Tracy, thanks and all encouragement for your work! Are you frequently using reddit? If yes, what do you think of the environment in terms of gender inclusion etc? There are obviously a lot of different communities here, but it does seem to me that it is in general male-dominated and not always inclusive. Some comments in this thread are a good example.