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When I was a teen I would also get it in my arms. I remember being in biology class and feeling like my arms wanted to run away from me. I couldn't get the feeling to go away - I tried shaking my arms and waving them about. It eventually went away on it's own. I still get it from time to time, but nothing like when I was younger. It was bizarre to say the least and I got very strange looks from my parents when I explained the sensation. I'm glad the syndrome in legs has been given a name, though I never hear about it being in arms as well.

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Hi Gordon! I gave my husband your Masterclass as a gift and am looking forward to his making your beef wellington!

My question:
What was the best part for you, in making the Masterclass? And, do you think you'll have more courses in the future?

Thanks for being such a huge inspiration to homecooks, kids, and entrepreneurs everywhere!