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Talk to your lawyer but I’m sure they have considered the following actions:

File a complaint with

Dental licensing board of Nevada http://dental.nv.gov/uploadedFiles/dentalnvgov/content/Consumers/Complaint%20Form.pdf


Dental licensing board members of Nevada


Nevada governor http://gov.nv.gov/

California governor - does anyone remember Arnold Schwarzenegger’s reddit user name? I’m guessing the show is filmed in LA.

And finally, CBS


If you have cbs all access, cancel it. Just download Star Trek. Cancel all access and let them know exactly why you are cancelling. Don’t give these companies any more of your hard earned money.

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Hello Doctor!

Recently, I just CANT REMEMBER anything.

My long term memory seems to be okay, but short term, I am barely capable of keeping anything in there.

It’s anything from where did I put that thing, to what did that person say to me, to did I already ask that question?

Is this a common occurrence in periods of high stress?

Thank you

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Ad revenue from YouTube?

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I’ve always avoided drugs (including cannabis) and alcohol, but good to know.

I’ll try. Not too many easy ways to relieve stress these days but I will try.

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I think self care is the first to be forgotten. Worth looking into, thank you.