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Yeah man. This place is tough for sure and I’m sure it hasn’t gotten better since you’ve been here. If I could do it over again, I probably wouldn’t. Haha. But I do love it down here. We are in the San Telmo area of Buenos Aires about 6 blocks from the Pink House. Got a small little brewpub running a piece of crap 5bbl system that I’m trying to find funding to upgrade but nobody wants any part of Argentina right now. Hahahaha. But we are hanging in there. Craft beer kinda took off down here in the last 5 years and some big boys came in with some money and kinda left my DIY ass in the dust but we are surviving and having fun.

Stop by for a cold one if you ever make it down again. We got a punk rock/dive bar kinda feel you might enjoy! Sexton Beer Company. Thanks for the response and cheers!

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I am an American immigrant in who opened a small brewpub in Argentina. I’ve heard rumors that at one point Stone was being produced down here but haven’t seen any evidence to back it up. Is that some Argentine fairy tail or did this really happen? If so what made you leave the market?