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Thank you so much for doing this AMA!!!

I work in academia. My boss is an unadmitted alcoholic. He has shown up drunk to work functions (when in-person events were a thing pre-pandemic), at conferences, to phone calls, and on video calls. Others have noticed too, so I am not the only one noticing.

He is in denial though. He likes to make excuses (I had a lot of stress; this is how I let my hair down, etc.) and I'm pretty sure he's had a drunk driving conviction.

Whenever I mention it, he gets defensive and pulls the "you don't understand" card. Others outside of our group have submitted reports about him but I don't think the university has acted.

What can be done? How should I approach bringing this up with him? He had one year when he abstained from alcohol and he was so incredibly sharp (it might have been part of a plea deal for his DUI). I miss that person. He's become increasingly unstable and hostile.

I would greatly appreciate any advice!