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Or you could just use OS X on your pc. Not going to lie it’s a pain to get working right.

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Maybe Im just really unlucky; but I was on a road construction crew and had the truck get broken into while we were sleeping in a truckstop and had the locks popped several times at motels. Never really stole anything of value. It was always weird, there would be 1000's of dollars worth of tools and they wouldnt take that. They would take the extension cords.

This wasnt a tractor trailer, it was just an F350 pulling a car hauler sized trailer.

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Do you have a stance on the govoner and his felony conviction? Do you think he is fit for office and do you think this should lead to impeachment?

You mentioned an incubator though a college in another post. Do you feel that the state should have a role in funding that or do you agree with the governor in that it should be private funded. I am referring to the response to the UMKC campus addition that was controversial last year.