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Around 7 years ago, I randomly discovered Coast to Coast Am with George Noory while playing with the AM dial and that night I was introduced to the concept of Reptoids.

The theory I remember is that they are connected with the Hallow Earth Thoery and live underground (pretty much ripping off Doctor Who). They also had a huge war with the Grey aliens.

I was like WTF and began listening have been listening to Coast to Coast ever since. Not because I believe all of it but its just entertaining to listen some crazy sh*t in the middle of the night.

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/r/chinacirclejerk looks hilarious. Since I live in Hong Kong, would HK-based posts be welcomed there?

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I used to see you guys perform at The Smell and the shows were fucking glorious. I moved abroad few years but just return to LA and am dying to see you guys. Any chance of any LA gigs coming up soon?