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Saddam's first mistake!

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Do you guys need a janitor or fix-it man?

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Couple that with the recession and job losses and I think what you are hearing is the rumbling from men who realize that something is wrong and that change is needed.

This article from the LA Time talks about Pelosi's economic agenda and how the focus is primarily on helping women since they are hurting so badly due to the economy. Even the President continues to imply that women are hurt most due to gender pay gap.

Is this just a continuation of the marginalized male? Where society as a whole just doesn't about men? When will we, as a country, begin to pass laws that protect men from dying on the job (men make up 90% of workplace deaths) instead of continuing to protect women from their own choices?

What can be done about this economic/political imbalance? Especially since the Democrats are really pushing towards the female vote, it seems like men's issues will continue to be ignored.

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Edit: Can someone explain the downvotes?

I was wondering the same thing! If it makes you feel better I used my upvote to try and even it out. =/