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It is 100% worth losing that pen for the story you get to tell. The future President of the United States stole your graduation pen? Pure gold.

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Was an NC-17 rating ever on the table?

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Fair enough, and I'm sure most fans appreciate that it is even R-rated. I just thought if any movie could mainstream NC-17 it would be Deadpool.

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Just the fact that TJ Miller couldn't do his full throttle SV schtick would make a PG-13 version feel wrong.

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I'm no expert, but it seems that taking and spending Saudi and Russian money through a charity is suspicious and possibly shady. While funneling other people's and your own money through a tax shelter to pay off your own debt is explicitly illegal. In practical terms, investigating the first would be expensive and hard to prove illegality. Investigating and proving the second is quite easy. It could just be a case of lower hanging fruit.