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Wow shit. I actually really feel for that guy.

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Dude probably isn't very qualified for much elseā€¦

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I heard someone ask Hazel Findlay how important it is to her that many of her achievements are significant because she's a woman. If I remember correctly, Hazel said that these things don't really matter to her, she's just concerned with climbing hard and is happier to be the second ascensionist than to be the first female ascensionist on a route that many men have done.

I want to ask you a similar question: How do you perceive the relationship between your gender and your achievements in climbing? Like when you sit back and think about the things that you've gained notoriety for doing, what makes them significant for you? Are they significant to you because they represent pioneering events for women? Because it was a great personal challenge that you overcame? Because it was just a pioneering event in general?

Also, I'm curious if you think the situation for young women climbing today is any different than it was for you when you started. Do you perceive that men these days treat female climbers differently than they once did?

Also, thanks for AMAing. I think you're totally rad. Happy climbing!

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Of all the FAs you have, which are you most proud of and why?

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What's your view on free-soloing and how it brings climbing within the public eye?