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Do you have anything factual and objective? This video is just fear mongering and scare tactics; provide us with an overview of the actual content and details.

I'm actually interested in what you have to say but you're not winning me over with this condescending video.

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What makes this a good primer? It doesn't provide a basic overview of the TPP at all and resorts to fear mongering with scary music playing in the background. Wouldnt you like a primer that actually fairly discussed the contents and details of the TPP?

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Oh, I'm already a big fan of /u/SavannaJeff for his posting on Europe; I will check it out. Thanks.

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I'm so impressed that you've been able to accomplish so much!

I have a question about how you managed with reading material for school and seeing the blackboard? I'm sure now it's easy to get a tablet or something but before it must have been extremely difficult.

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I'm wondering did you go to university, college or adult-education? Were you able to get similar resources?