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How do you deploy a marine mammal worldwide? Tank on a cargo aircraft?

PS I'm pretty sure I've been to the facility in San Diego; my mom is a retired Marine and I remember getting to go and visit a facility and pet the dolphins and learn about them when I was around 5 or so :) still sticks out to me all these years later!

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Hello Chris, I think a lot of us feel as Jim O'Heir did when he toasted you on Seth Meyers: "Chris Pratt began in a pit, he was laying in a damn pit, but here’s the thing—he was so loving, and such a great person then, he’s now one of the biggest stars in the frickin’ world and he’s the same person he was in that pit." Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the laughs and for staying pit-Chris all the way through :)

Since I should ask a question...what's a good Andy philosophy we should all adopt and you'll teach your son someday?

Go Hawks!