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Besides donating money to research what are some of the things the regular folks can do to help the cause? Does the US policy (on drug laws, research grants etc) follow or lead rest of the world?

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With the current MDMA research, once that is finished is the expected result to get FDA to approve MDMA psychotherapy or is the plan to do even more research? What's the current expected timetable for making this available for basically anyone that needs help in this way?

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Hey CJ! Very inspiring to hear your story :) My question is this: as you've had the mdma psychotherapy for something as severe as ptsd, would you in the future consider doing mdma psychotherapy (if it were legal) for something "lesser"? Do you see the value of people in general who are stuck in their life or whatever but don't qualify for such diagnosis to benefit from this in a therapy setting?

Another question about the therapy sessions: do the therapists try to guide you as per previously agreed terms or was it that you brought up the topics and even if you did not bring up something discussed prior, the therapists did not bring it either?

Thank you!