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museumingabout5 karma

Do you really only have three people on staff there? How is that possible with a collection of that size and importance?

museumingabout5 karma

Do you ever plan to create a traveling exhibition so other museums may share your collection with their communities?

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That's great! Maybe down the road once you get everything fixed up, you can create an exclusive traveling exhibition. I went to UB and was there during the storms :( so much damage was done and I am glad you guys are getting back on your feet. And yay to the NEH!!! Making the collection available online is fantastic!

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You all should be proud. You've accomplished a lot with a VERY small staff. I thought our staff here was small - and we have about 20 FT! :O I've always loved the Barnum Museum (I went to UB) and will keep following you guys on your journey. Keep up the amazing work.