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Yeah, I'm a pro-gay, anti-drug laws, pro-choice, atheist libertarian who just happens to understand that living in a modern world sometimes has setbacks. We don't live in a utopia, and sometimes accidents occur. Is that what we're describing as narrow-minded these days? I guess I could join the reddit hive mind and shout "corporations are evil!" and demand others give me the fruits of their labor . . .

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I'm pro-nuclear, but you're aware that there are as many anti-nuclear power people out there as there are anti-coal, right? And of course you are aware that there are as many, if not more potential costs associated with nuclear power.

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I live in Huntington, WV, about 40 minutes east of Charleston, the site of the leak. The amount of MCHM has been less than 1 PPM for three days now, and nearly all of Charleston and surrounding areas are back online now with safe drinking tap water.

OP's water is currently not "poisoned," as he put it.

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