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Are you seeing any evidence of coalition building between the protestors and elements of civil society, gavernment and or the police to bring about the stated goals of the movement or are the daily marches/protests/caravans/engagements with police occuring in a vacum and without any connection to a wider strategy for achieving police reform?

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How can Louisville recover from covid/civil unrest and the perception that downtown is unsafe and filled with homeless junkies?

With the tourism business reduced to a trickle, the convention business and business travel extinguished for at least a year to come and a lame duck ineffectual mayor - how many years does it take for the downtown to recover back to 2019 economic levels?

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Following up:

What possible avenues of advancing the goals of the protestors exist at this time?

What in your estimation is the likelyhood of renewed civil disobedience at the following junctures:

  1. Any announcement from the KY AG
  2. The proposed Kentucky Derby

What is current state of the protests? After 45 days in the streets how durable are the ad-hoc networks that are participating in and supporting the demonstrators.

How is security being handled by the protestors after the free fire incident that resulted in the death of an innocent protestor by the hands of another individual attracted to the protestors? And does the evidence point to the initial shooter having taken an open carry firearm from protest security themselves, or another source?