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In its early stages, dysmenorrhea (extreamely painful periods) is the main symptom, most women experience menorrhagia (heavy flow, or long periods) too.

If the endo progresses to other stages you may experience deep pelvic pain during sex, urination and defecation. In the later stages pelvic pain can occur 24/7, without any stimulus.

Symptoms generally get worse while having a period, But as I mentioned, in the later stages pain can occur all the time, scarring can sometimes cause amenorrhoea (a lack of periods) but this is rare, and can be a sign of a secondary condition.

Its easily confused with Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and having endo can cause PFD in itself, so often doctors will write your symptoms of as being nothing more than PFD. If you have a family history of endo, or the pain is debilitating, firmly request the laproscopy, its the only way to test for endo.

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A hysterectomy is a drastic, dangerous and expensive procedure, If there are still options available doctors wouldn't even consider it.

A hysterectomy also doesn't cure endo, the scarring can be all through the abdominal cavity on unrelated organs such as the kidneys and bowel. While a total hysterectomy will stop new scars developing (OP is already doing this with Hormonal medication) but unless the existing scars can be ablated (OP has already had a lap, so they have removed what they can) then the pain will still effect her life.

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In the spirit of the topic, 7" is too large if you plan on porking someone with severe endometriosis, sex hurts enough as it is.