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You don't think about the practical practical problems a person might face when they are going through something so soul wrenching.

I'm grateful to live in a world with people like you who willingly endure terrible things just to help others. You made the world a little bit better for everyone & you also made a world of difference to a handful of people & those who love them. You have done more good for this world than most others ever can.

How are you?

I can't imagine how difficult the past few years have been. Is there anything you need which you don't have, or anything which could have helped which you didn't get when you needed it?

I don't know why the program keeps your identities secret, and they should at least explain it to you. What you did was so powerful that I guess people can have all types of strong reactions.

You did something wonderful. I know there is a hole in your heart & I pray the other parts of you of can grow and thrive.

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That hole is how I model grief.

It never goes away, but as you continue to grow it can become smaller relative to the rest of who and what you are.

The only way I know to feel better is to lean into life & live. Love yourself as much as you can and love the people around you. There is a lot of good left to do. It's how I fight back if that makes sense.

Thanks for being here & thank you for telling us.

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I remember at the time a lot of criticisms were dismissed as sexism.

Part of the problem is people had more faith in the patriarchy than they did in physics.

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If even one person contracts flu because they let someone touch their dog I will buy you a new phone.

People are so god damned scared all the time, they don’t need to be scared of getting the super flu from their dogs.

There is a cost to being scared of everything all the time & it’s not better safe than sorry.

People have more to worry about than they can handle, no need to have them worry about pretend problems too.

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A flat is just a big flat thing.

It could be a wall, or a sunset with clouds that scenic artists painted.

Depending on the show & the house it plays in those flats can be built in a number of different ways.

They could be entirely fabric & hung from a pipe (baton) that is raised & lowered out of sight (of the audience).

The advantage of soft goods like this is you can just roll them up for storage & transport.

Here is an old video that should show the process if I remember it right.