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I've been doing that top right Menu>Keyboard-special characters thing for twelve god-damn YEARS.



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BOSton mass

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  • Always stay hydrated.
  • Over-hydrate if you're ill.
  • Keep a couple of packets of sugar or sugar lumps on you at all times.
  • Eat regularly in summer. If you lose your appetite, smoothies or fruit juices or iced tea in a pinch. (the sugar will help).
  • If you are rushing somewhere / haven't eaten breakfast / over-tired / lack of sleep / really hot weather really make sure you have the sugar. It's when you stop or crash that you'll have the syncope.
  • If you're starving DON'T wolf down a challenging meal (big burger or whatever). Nibble. Seriously. It's like all the blood in your body suddenly got commandeered away from your brain and went to the stomach; ergo, you faint.
  • Don't give blood when fragile (aka all of the above); rather, plan ahead for giving blood by eating well, sleeping well and hydrating well for 2 days before you give blood. If you decide to give blood on a whim, get yourself a bottle of gatorade beforehand.

Learn to recognize the symptoms you described as onset. If you are with friends ask them asap what you look like. If you look green or ashen or corpse-white, there it is. Get low. Sit on the floor, lie down, run to the bathroom and get your head below your knees and you'll likely be able to fend it off although you'll feel totally shitty for about 5 - 10 minutes. Get the sugar in your mouth asap. Other symptoms - tunnel vision, ears buzzing or auditory hallucinations (like echoey).

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If you are worried about trouble you might want to go back and edit some of real names out of your replies. Or make sure you're unidentifiable by your replies.

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How do you keep all the bitey things off your kids?

What are your and their favorite wildlife (s)?