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sity on American roads? Do you truly intend for this tech to replace people, many of which have been driving for decades? And how do you intend to make this work when people are still out there driving as they have always been for over 100 years, with reflexes and plain simple common sense(for the most part) that have evolved over this same time frame? Do you honestly think this co-existence can happen without some major issues? Thank you for at least reading this

this is like saying, we have traveled by rowing boats for thousands of years, why do you think motorboats or even automated boats/shuttles are a necessity

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that's what lidars and various sensors are for. The weak link in this case would probably be sensor fusion and how you process & combine the data you get from various sensors. In general, the combination of sensors (radars, lidars, cameras, others) are what overcome what we as humans think are weak links in human vision.

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if you think about it, all simulation is validated in the real world. If you pass a test case in simulation, but the same scenario fails in the real world, then you know the sim was faulty. The real question is how this feedback loop is done at Aurora and whether or not you are using active learning feedback loops to make sure that you continue to improve your simulation and offline testing by using real-world data.