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Is it true that the meat is better and more tender if the animals aren't scared when they get tazered (I don't know the correct term)? A farmer once told me that and I have never heard it before or since.

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How does it feel to have a Disney movie based on your own story?

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I don't know if this question fits here. I'm spending a lot of free time with my kids and I love it. During the ongoing pandemic I have to work from home a lot and noticed that my kids can't really differentiate between dad is at work and dad is dad. How could they at 1 and 3. Two weeks ago I saw my 3 y/o play daddy. He sat on the couch with a toy tablet and said "I have to concentrate. Please leave." it broke my heart. How can I be there (physically) and work without hurting my son like that?

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Thank you for taking the time. That's a truly profound answer.

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What was the most memorable news headline/story that you witnessed?