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What was your favorite decade[s] for fashion?

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There wasn't and all-at-once moment where I realized...I suppose just a series of things around 10-14 years old. Like my mom was teaching my sister and me to cook scrambled eggs, so she said "Butter in the pan, let it melt, then when it hits the point of fragrance add the eggs", my sister could smell it, and I couldn't. Also, riding the bus to school we'd drive through farm fields (I grew up in the country) and in the spring there'd always be a panic to get all the windows up because the manure they were spreading. But when I was little, I always just went along with it. Scratch-n-sniff stickers were the bane of my little-girlhood

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It happens often, but no, it doesn't get annoying. I forget things about people all the time, even if I know them well (like I have a friend who grew up in Slovakia who doesn't understand Disney movie references), so I have tolerance for people forgetting something that isn't outwardly obvious

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As far as I know, it is not possible. I had a roommate once who got obsessed with finding a cure, and found an article on testing olfactory transplants in rats. I don't remember if it was conclusive though. If it were easy enough to do, sure I would. My husband is a chef, I know I'm missing out on a lot of flavors. It's my dream to be able to accept a bouquet of flowers and sniff it and actually smell something.

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All the time. It seems the majority of the time that people point out a smell is when it's a bad one. There was this one time my parents had gone away for the weekend and the dogs dug a hole under the fence in the back yard and got out. I got them back by nightfall, but not before they'd had a run-in with some wild beastie (scratches all over their faces from an altercation). My parents came home two days later to a house smelling of SKUNK, because I'd had the dogs in the house just as normal after their fight with Pepe le Pew