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What is the endgame for covid-19? Will it just become an endemic childhood illness like other coronaviruses or will children be vaccinated? Do you think the virus will continue to mutate frequently like an influenza and require new vaccines periodically?

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How can anyone know the moral teachings are objectively valid when the source of those teachings appears to be the arbitrary authority of people like yourself who claim to have obtained this authority from God?

How do we know you have that authority, when people like yourself (not you, but your brother bishops, cardinals, and popes) have engaged in systematic deception over many decades regarding the child sex abuse scandal?

Is there some way to test these teachings? For instance, how can anyone know, objectively, that eating meat on Friday is appropriately punished by endless torment?

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Do you think many organizations will go out of business permanently due to covid and the resulting economic fallout? How is the Philly orch doing? The met's decision to continue their shutdown is really disheartening.

I'm a regional orchestra player who sometimes subs with bigger ICSOM groups and this has been absolutely devastating for me and my colleagues. We're working retail, we can't get unemployment, it feels like everything has collapsed and there is no end in sight. I've actually played with you before FWIW, you were a soloist for one of my regional orchestras, thank you for doing this AMA.

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How can we know the Catholic Church is God’s official religious organization and teaches “the fullness of truth?”

What is your evidence for this claim, and what are we to make of the many reversals of older teachings and the extremely wicked behavior of clergy over many centuries?

If truth is objective, shouldn’t we expect an organization claiming to teach the truth not to contradict itself on major issues like slavery, usury, religious freedom, democracy, women’s rights, the eternal damnation of babies/children who die prior to baptism, and (most recently by Pope Francis) divorce and remarriage?

If the Catholic clergy are God’s anointed official representatives and authorities, why have they done so many twistedly cruel and evil things throughout history? Shouldn’t we expect the men of God to be better than the rest of us?

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