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Not sure what level you referee, but I have a story to share from when I interned with a high school athletic dept.

The game was a serious mismatch, becuase the home school (where I worked) had a JV team that was approximated 130 players & the other school's JV team was effectively freshman & varsity players who didn't play, totaling maybe 40 kids. Our team ran away with the game in the 2nd half, obviously able to rotate & keep both sides of the ball fresh. After the game, my first job was always to get the officials off the field & into the building. During this game, neither side of fans were particularly charged, which was refreshing to see, but one parent did follow us along the fencing asking "how much did you pay them?" and I told them "I paid the referees the same amount I always pay them; $X." Guy looked at me stunned before I elaborated with: "It's state HSAA regulation. The home team always pays the referees for their time... Your team pays referees every home game you play." And with that, he stopped following and we went into the office without any further disruption. The look of confusion on the guy's face has always stuck with me as one of my funnier moments on the job.

Anyway, it's a thankless job, as you know. The administrators appreciate you at least haha.