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mtn_mojo28 karma

Have you considered targeting the fitness community as a source of enthusiasm/help? People spend thousands of dollars on protein supplements, which are generally just dried whey/casein/soy powder. The profit margins must be staggering on stuff like that.

The idea of easily available, ready-to-eat pure protein is very exciting, and I'm positive that people who are trying to add more to their diet in the form of powders would be even more excited about another source of pure "clean" animal protein!

mtn_mojo21 karma

Marketing 100% raw animal protein, harvested sustainably and presented in basically any fashion you care to form the stuff? Just make sure everyone is aware that they are getting all the hottest amino acids like HMB and l-carnatine, and it will fly off the shelves.

If anything, this opens up far more options as to how to sell the stuff. You do not have to present it even as palatable, much less attempt to replicate any specific cut of meat. Put it in a blueberry shake, form it into a bar or wafer, the sky's the limit!

Cultured meat sounds like a godsend: safe, sustainable, pure protein. I wish I knew of a way to get involved with the project!

Here is a prime example, by the way, of the kind of thinking that goes into protein supplementation: http://schwarzenegger.com/fitness/post/the-protein-bible-part-1-introduction