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I use both Jack herer and nordle. I make it into a coconut oil infusion. She is prescribed 5 grams a day, so about 150g/month.

She is severely disabled as you can see in the video so no I am not concerned about the effects of marijuana on her brain. In fact, she has started saying mum (getting a friend to convert that file, I have it on video). There are a few studies that suggest it does drop approximately 5 IQ points to a developing brain but lets be honest, these children are not going to become physicists. Its about quality of life.

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Am I a terrible parent for laughing at horse tranq? Because I did although it's not funny, it's just what she was on.

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We were able to wean all medication. She has been on phenobarb, phenytoin, fosphenytoin, vigabatrin, clonazepam, clobazam (onfi), midazolam, ativan, topiramite, keppra, tegretol, lamictal, ketamine.... I know Im forgetting some but a lot.

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At first she was a bit sleepy, other than that it really has only been positive. She's on a normal sleep schedule finally, seizures are well controlled, she developing... I can't complain.

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It's reality.