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Why couldn't it go through the clouds?

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Hi Mikel! On the live album All I Ever Wanted: Live from Walt Disney Concert Hall, you and Anna sing a song that is simply titled "Duet". It is one of my favorite songs of all time, and I have repeatedly tried to track down more information about it and always come up short. Could you shed some light on that song a bit? i.e. where did it come from? Who wrote it? Is there a story behind it? Will it ever be on a studio produced album?

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this AMA!

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Vyvanse was the exact opposite for me. My Dr had me try it for a few months and I hated it. I would lose the effectiveness of the drug about mid afternoon, but the side effects would continue for hours. It was awful

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Well, it really is one of the most beautiful songs I know of. I would move mountains to see it live, and I hope you consider adding it to the rotation when it comes time to start touring again. I've already got my tickets. Thanks for the reply!

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I know I already had one question answered and I don't really expect to get this one answered as well, but I gotta take my shot while I have it. I'm listinging to All I Ever Wanted: Live from Walt Disney Concert Hall while I read the answers in this AMA and I just got to the live performance of Innocence. The version in this concert is a bit different from the album version in that it has lyrics through out the introduction, whereas the album version is instrumental. (side note: My wife wanted to walk down the aisle to this part when we got married but a different couple we knew beat us to it!) Why didn't the album version have the full lyrics? Were they initially written at the same time as the the song, and elided for the studio? Or were they written later and performed with it live?