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Taiwan WANTS immigrants from the Mainland..... They are NOT going to side with the Beijing regime, under any circumstances

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Do you believe there is a chance these protests might spread to Mainland China, and stand a chance at making happen there what happened at the end of the Soviet bloc in the late 80s and early 90s? Do you believe there is any real opportunity at a mostly peaceful revolution of the people against the Mainland's regime, and do you believe the protests in Hong Kong could prove to be a catalyst for it??

I'm also wondering what advice you would have for any Americans who might be looking to venture to Hong Kong. Is it safe for any foreigners to go right now? Would it be too risky for any Americans to go in an attempt to help the protesters, even in some small way? I really want to help by going there. But, I obviously don't want to be held by any Mainland police. I also wouldn't want to get stuck there, and I wouldn't want to spend too much in money I don't have!