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Of course Devos is doing that. It's all about looking out for her bottom line. She has financial ties to a bunch of for profit schools that will lose a ton of money if they stay closed in the fall.

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Crack your phone open and yank out the battery

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Yeah, it's like that in the US too. They rail against welfare queens in the inner city while slurping away at crop subsidies + tax breaks given to them by the same government they claim to hate. Not to mention that they ignore all sorts of workplace safety regulations + payroll taxes by employing a massive number of illegal immigrants paid in cash only.

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I think he wants to keep his job, m8.

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I've bumped into Chinese exchange students who admitted they never heard of the Tiananmen square massacre prior to leaving China but immediately dismissed it as the government giving a bunch of hooligan troublemakers what they deserved. OPs opinion might be an honest answer, but that doesn't mean people on reddit shouldn't downvote it and call it out for the BS it is.