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To the best of my knowledge it's all considered medical waste and is incinerated.

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Ever seen "Return to Me?" Woman gets a heart transplant, finds out it was the heart of the dead wife of the man she is now in love with. I'm not too into sappy movies usually, but I LOVE that movie.

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How do you know if you are buying meat from a source that treats its animals well? I have no intentions of becoming a vegetarian, I love meat too much, but I don't want to support of company that is okay with animal cruelty either. What should I know when buying meat?

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I appreciate your answer. I'll have to see if I can get more info from my local supermarket. I also buy meats from Trader Joe's, and just sort of made the assumption it was good, but I should look into that too.

I was a vegetarian for awhile, and it wasn't for me. I hate to admit, I just never think about where my meat is coming from. I buy organic chicken, which is usually labeled as "free-range" and all that, but when it comes to beef I never question it really. I look for the "no added hormones" and "no-antibiotics," but I never look to see where it's coming from and that realization has disappointed me. I'm not opposed to eating animals, I just don't want them mistreated and/or tortured before slaughter. I need to make more of an effort to know where the beef is coming from.